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youngnaturists's Journal

2 September
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Nudism And Naturism

Nudism and Naturism is one of the fastest growing forms of recreation in the united states today. Join the growing number of people who enjoy non sexual nude recreation and the nudist lifestyle. You don’t have to be a long time nudist or naturist to participate – all you need is to be comfortable in your own skin. Body image and body acceptance are an issue that seems to plague many in today’s society but we hope that with time people will find out that it is far more important who the person is rather than what they look like. Nudists and Naturists from around the world enjoy being naked and there is nothing wrong with the nude body! We hope that as time goes by people will learn that people are people. We come in all shapes and sizes and that one should not be judged on how they look, what job they do or how much they make… people should be judged on the essence of who they truly are!

Young Naturists and Nudists America (YNA)

is a nudists and naturists organization based out of the NY/ NJ / PA area. We welcome everyone regardless of race, color, sexual orientation, tattoos, piercings… The nudist movement used to be about acceptance – so we say – back to the basics! The goal of this group is to promote and educate others about naturism and nudism, explore cool clothing optional places to go to and last but not least organize events for fellow nudists and naturists all over the world! We coordinate fun nudist and naturist events, nude naked and clothing optional parties such as our signature Nude Night Out and Nude Year’s Eve parties in Manhattan; there is always a naked / nude friendly event taking place either hosted or co-hosted by YNA.

So keep a look out for those ongoing updates! Not only are we young in body, heart and mind, our outreach is directed to bringing together the younger population of naturists and nudists ages 18-35. Naturism and the nudist or clothe free lifestyle is a beautiful way of life, and should not be missed by any young person! Right now we are working from the New York City area and are working hard to spread this movement out all across the nation! Check out our About Us page for more info and our nudist blogs for the latest news / articles. We hope you enjoy! The interest in nudism and naturism has been growing – some are calling it a revolution but and YNA we like to think of it as evolution. So come join the young nudists and naturists movement and enjoy all that the clothes free lifestyle has to offer. We are all Young Naturists and Young Nudists - regardless of age!

Nudism and Naturism mean so many things to so many people – join us to discover what it means to you!